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Gloria Winn is an author and speaker/presenter. She has written a book Tears which was released in 2012 and is now available on and Also, she has has a column for a national community newspaper where she writes under a pen name. Gloria has several other blogs, one of which is "Small Things with Great Love" where she shares her spiritual insights. and another which is "For His Glory" where she shares personal life experiences. Check out her website also - "" Gloria is a mother of three sons and a grandmother to nine grandchildren. Gloria is a wife to her husband of many years and they have together been speakers/presenters to young people and particularly married couples.

He calls me GRACE

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, Ephesians 2:8 I was feeling low and needy. The day was gray with a soft rain falling. In my heart I fell … Continue reading

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Better to BE than to DO

I am a person who likes to be busy. I like to feel that I am organized and have accomplishments. I feel guilty and ashamed if I am not busy, organized and accomplishing  some task. To avoid the guilt and … Continue reading

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A Prayer that my Father taught me for Lent

In our home, we did not pray together except for grace at meals, which I introduced when I was about eight years old. I had been taught at a Sunday School session that this was a good thing to do … Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Coin

Who am I? When this question was posed to me many years ago, it seemed redundant to me. I am an only child, I am a wife and mother, and now in my most recent years a grandmother, I am … Continue reading

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Spring! The Cardinals are Singing!

I apologize to everyone that I have not entered new posts since my mother died a year ago. I am healing from grieving for her. My goal is to write a new blog each week. Since the time on the … Continue reading

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55 Maxims

(from blogger Bzyzpriest) by Fr. Thomas Hopko Be always with Christ. Pray as you can, not as you want. Have a keepable rule of prayer that you do by discipline. Say the Lord’s Prayer several times a day. Have a … Continue reading

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Entering into Lent

Lent is a time of renewal of our faith and devotion to God Almighty. It is not a time for me to rationalize or justify any action to anyone about my faith. It is a time for me to enter … Continue reading

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