He calls me GRACE

For by grace

you have been saved through faith,

and that not of yourselves;

it is the gift of God,

Ephesians 2:8

I was feeling low and needy. The day was gray with a soft rain falling. In my heart I fell on my knees and bowed low, and I asked my Lord Jesus to comfort me. I stayed in that position in my heart for a time and there in the silent sacred space of my heart, I could hear Him speak.

The words I heard were “I am giving you a new name! Your new name is Grace.” I was so surprised. I was not sure if I heard correctly and responded with “Are you saying that you have given me a new name which is Grace?” He came back with “Yes, your new name is Grace. I am giving you this new name so that you would know that you are no longer without grace. This new name is to remind you that you have my gifts for living and no longer have to depend only on the carnal and fleshly gifts for living.”

Whoa! This really made me sit up tall and take notice. I began to meditate on the meaning of the word grace. I remembered from a Christian television show many years ago the teaching they gave on the word grace. It was an acronym.

God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.

I spent time, days, chewing on this message. Jesus Christ died for my sins and made the way for me to the Father. God wants me and you to receive His best and His best is to live with Him in eternity. He made a way for us through Jesus Christ. The shed precious blood of Jesus changed everything for everyone and when I confess that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour, this precious blood covers me and makes me acceptable to God the Father. I did not earn this gift. You did not earn this gift. It cannot be bought. Jesus set us all free.

Was I worthy to receive God’s riches? I was not and still am not worthy. I am a perfectly imperfect person who loves God and approaches His Throne with awe that He has called me to Himself. The creator of our universe and the lover of humankind wants me to be with Him as He wants to be with me! When I am with Him, I am bestowed with all the riches that He has reserved for me, especially His Love.

I again bowed low in my heart and spoke with the Lord of my life. I thanked Him for my new name and said that I would wait on Him to teach me more. I really did not understand what He was doing for me by giving me this new name of Grace.

Weeks later after Sunday Divine Liturgy, while visiting over coffee in the church basement, a gentle and kind man who is mentally challenged and knows my name well, walked over to me and said “Your name is Grace, isn’t it.” I held my breath. I was so surprised! In my heart I whispered, “What? How does he know that?” After I got my breath back, I responded to him with “Yes. Yes, my name is Grace.” He smiled and left.

I felt that I was being reminded by God that He had given me this new name and He did not want me to push it aside or forget it. I spent the rest of the day and some following days mulling over this experience. I kept saying to myself, “My name is Grace. I have not shared this with anyone. How did this man at church know and why did he come to speak to me about my new name?” I was trying to rationalize this experience. Whenever I am puzzled or challenged about something in my life, I try to understand and gain new perception about the issue, constantly in the depths of my being going over it again and again hoping by rationalizing it that it will make more sense.

I again knelt down in my heart to my Lord and said to Him, “You have provided me with this new name of Grace, for which I appreciate, but I do not understand why you would do this for me.” I sat in silence for a long time. In my core of my being I gradually began to understand that my life is all grace.

When I am distracted from that understanding and belief, I can go to dark and lonely places in my mind. In these places, thoughts of self-righteousness, self indulgence, self pity, self will, selfishness, self deception with defeat, and self defence with rationalization reign. If I stay in those places, I can lose my understanding of who my Lord is and who I am with Him.

With this new name Grace, I am reminded that I am God’s daughter, His child, whom He loves so much. I am privileged to receive His gifts and mercies and love in greater abundance that my mind can perceive. In our secular world we calculate who is worthy by their actions, accomplishments, and their outstanding performing talents. In my Lord Jesus’ world, I am worthy because He said so. I do not have justify, compromise, earn or labour for this position. Receiving this new name has helped me, influenced me to be ready and open to receive with gratitude all the wonders that my God has provided for me.

My every breath, from my first breath at birth and every breath ever since then, is pure gift from Him. My five senses are gifts – to see, hear, touch, smell, taste are amazing gifts that I do not want to take for granted. My ability to think, pray, sleep, walk and move, and create are pure gifts. The relationships I have with everyone – my parents, my spouse, my children and their spouses, and my grandchildren, my friends and even my enemies are also pure gift. I could go on and on. Each of these gifts are mine to embrace and enjoy and return to Him with daily thanks. My identity! GRACE!

Understanding this new identity of Grace is a secret process of growing and yielding my spirit to God where, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I am developing His personality and characteristics which are displayed in my life for His Glory.

And God is able

to make all grace abound toward you,

that you,

always having all sufficiency in all things, 

may have an abundance for every good work.

2 Corinthians 9:8

I share these thoughts and experiences with you in my hope that you will know that you also have been given the name of GRACE. YOU HAVE A NEW NAME.

Everyone who acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, has this same name. GRACE. By receiving Jesus, we leave behind all that hinders the process of GRACE.

In our secret process, in our hearts, minds, souls and spirits, we grow into His likeness.

Come and join me in this process.

My prayer is “Lord, I want more! Lord, I want more of You and this promised abundant life. Yes, Lord I want more!”

Copyright 2014 © Gloria Winn, all rights reserved.








About gloriawinn

Gloria Winn is an author and speaker/presenter. She has written a book Tears which was released in 2012 and is now available on amazon.ca and amazon.com. Also, she has has a column for a national community newspaper where she writes under a pen name. Gloria has several other blogs, one of which is "Small Things with Great Love" where she shares her spiritual insights. and another which is "For His Glory" where she shares personal life experiences. Check out her website also - "gloriawinn.com." Gloria is a mother of three sons and a grandmother to nine grandchildren. Gloria is a wife to her husband of many years and they have together been speakers/presenters to young people and particularly married couples.
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