Better to BE than to DO

I am a person who likes to be busy. I like to feel that I am organized and have accomplishments. I feel guilty and ashamed if I am not busy, organized and accomplishing  some task. To avoid the guilt and shame, I keep busy. My busyness keeps me from being still.

I am a Christian and I want to live a life pleasing to God! I am slowly learning that my busyness is a distraction and avoidance of doing what God is asking of me.

I am a daughter of God. God loves me as I am. I am His creation. He knows everything about me (Psalm 139) and he answers my every prayer.

When I pray and ask Him to help me come closer, there is a subtle quiet message of “Come, be still!” My body is used to being active and to sit still is hard work. If I continue in my busyness and ignore His quiet request, I can get lost from Him. I work and work till I am exhausted and then complain that I did not have time to pray. He does not push me away from Himself, instead He waits until I am bottomed out to repeat the message, “Come, be still!”

All my activity is pleasing me, not God. All my busyness is also pleasing others and causing them to wonder if they should be busy. Guilt and shame are prevalent in our world and there are many of us who continue to dance to “busyness” to avoid the coming apart and being quiet in God’s Presence and listening to His voice.

At first the lack of activity is painful. This is new to my body, mind, soul and spirit. It takes some getting used to. What keeps me focused to respond to His words “Come, be still!” is His love for me. He did not turn His back on me as so many in my world have done. He stayed close and encouraged me without condemnation about my resistance to being quiet with Him. I am learning that it is good just to BE. To be still is just that — to BE without busyness, activity, distractions and my self-pleasing and people-pleasing activity. To DO is giving permission to all that pulls me away from Him and His whispered call “Come, be still!”

As I slowly progress to responding more quickly to His tender loving heart message, “Come, be still!,” I am beginning to enjoy His Presence and His Peace that permeats all of me and it is such a good place. I need more of the activity of being still with God. I am in process of changing to appreciate the time of being still with Him. I am not perfect and He still loves me.

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About gloriawinn

Gloria Winn is an author and speaker/presenter. She has written a book Tears which was released in 2012 and is now available on and Also, she has has a column for a national community newspaper where she writes under a pen name. Gloria has several other blogs, one of which is "Small Things with Great Love" where she shares her spiritual insights. and another which is "For His Glory" where she shares personal life experiences. Check out her website also - "" Gloria is a mother of three sons and a grandmother to nine grandchildren. Gloria is a wife to her husband of many years and they have together been speakers/presenters to young people and particularly married couples.
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One Response to Better to BE than to DO

  1. Melina says:

    Thanks for the reminder to “come and be still”

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