Entering into Lent

Lent is a time of renewal of our faith and devotion to God Almighty.

It is not a time for me to rationalize or justify any action to anyone about my faith. It is a time for me to enter more deeply into the mystery of the Love of God for me and for the world.

God has chosen me.  John 15

I have chosen Him. My life is not my own. I am His. This is who I am. Truly, I am His. My every perception is changed as I enter and embrace this truth. All that I have lived has formed me to be who I am today. But I must not stop here and stay. I am to push on to the fullness of God’s plan for my mission and destiny.

Lord I desire to be fully human and fully alive in You. Only You know me! Only You love me as I am without conditions! Only You Lord are my safety and shelter. Only You Lord hold me and comfort me. You send me people to encourage me to look to You. Thank you.

Lent is what I need to live all year, not just during the Church calendar. Lent is an attitude and willingness to be more with the Lord that I want to have each and every day of the year. Lord, I am willing, and I trust that you complete what you have begun in me.

Copyright  © Gloria Winn 2013, all right reserved.


About gloriawinn

Gloria Winn is an author and speaker/presenter. She has written a book Tears which was released in 2012 and is now available on amazon.ca and amazon.com. Also, she has has a column for a national community newspaper where she writes under a pen name. Gloria has several other blogs, one of which is "Small Things with Great Love" where she shares her spiritual insights. and another which is "For His Glory" where she shares personal life experiences. Check out her website also - "gloriawinn.com." Gloria is a mother of three sons and a grandmother to nine grandchildren. Gloria is a wife to her husband of many years and they have together been speakers/presenters to young people and particularly married couples.
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